Free shipping is a powerful marketing strategy used primarily by online stores and mail-order catalogs as a sales tactic to attract customers. This tactic, usually visualized by an online banner, can sweeten any online shopping deal.

If you buy products online, you may be required to pay a shipping fee. It’s not the best option, isn’t it?

Actually, there are two main reasons why customers abandon a cart:

  • if they could not find what they were looking for
  • if shipping options were not acceptable

However, if you find a product that comparably priced to other offers that include delivery costs, then free shipping may offer additional savings.

Adding a banner with free shipping to your online store, you not only help your customers to save money, but you can also squeeze extra from every sale, encouraging visitors to add more products to their cart to reach that free shipping threshold.  

The main thing you should learn is that free shipping directly influences conversion rates and cart sizes.

Offering Free Shipping

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Shopify allows you to easily set up and promote a free shipping offer on your store.

Your offer will be promoted when customers load the home page, updating in real time when they add products to their cart. It will encourage them to spend more to get the free shipping option.

The following steps will help you to realize it easy:

1. Planning

Shipping expenses be planned in advance to make sure you are operating sustainably.

First, study your current shipping and product costs to decide what you should set the free threshold. Follow these tips to plan your promotion:

  • Analyze your current shipping costs. The accurate analysis of these costs and averaging them out across your orders will give you an idea of how much the offer is going to cost you.
  • Research your most commonly purchased products and figure out their individual margins to understand the average profit from orders on your store. The average order profit will allow you to look at how much benefits you can take when absorbing shipping costs.
  • Define a price-point higher than your current average order value. Your promo activities should encourage clients to choose 1 or 2 more items to make it to the goal.
  • Determine the price of the most-purchased product. If it is often bought without other add-on products, try to set the threshold just over that price.
  • Evaluate the shipping costs to other countries to define whether you will extend this offer worldwide.

2. Setting shipping zones

You can set up required shipping zones through the Shopify admin panel, defining where your store will ship to. Every zone will have a specific price and rules that will apply when a customer enters their shipping address.

Follow the Settings section on the Shopify admin.

  • Check up that a “base” rate is set up – it will be the rate that customers are charged if they haven’t reached the free shipping threshold.
  • Create a new price-based rate for orders above and beyond your shipping threshold. Define the minimum for the threshold amount and leave the maximum blank.
  • Check off Free shipping rate to prevent customers from being charged any shipping fees on the order if it meets the criteria.

The ways to add Free Shipping banner on a website

  • Use some of the themes that support active banners.
  • Add a visible banner to the top of the page with text is to use apps like Welcome Bar by Apptuse or
  • Upload an image with the message and upload it to your slider in your theme.

That’s it!

Now your problem is solved and you have a nice banner with free shipping on Shopify. Your offer will be promoted to your customers and you will earn a little more money on every sale that goes through your Shopify store.

Final thoughts

Free shipping is really enticing to most customers and it will convince them to buy your products. However, do not forget about one more important factor —how long the products take to arrive.

Make sure you control this because often customers abandon a cart as the shipping takes too long.

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