Customers are not always perfect. They can be naughty and require a lot of extra attention. Yet, you know, your products also can fail to look like the best ones and thus attract fewer shoppers. For this reason, it is very important to correctly present items to customers and encourage them to make a purchase.
An excellent product description is 50% of your success. Why so?

A well-prepared product description educates shoppers about their needs and easy ways of solving them; it drives targeted traffic to your Shopify store and converts visitors into customers.

If you want to get a top-selling Shopify store, mastering your copywriting skills is a must-have.
How to craft a perfect description of your product that will rank high in search results? 

In this post, we will figure this out.

What do product descriptions mean for stores’ success?

The quality of product descriptions can make or break merchants’ business. So, investing time into writing detailed product descriptions from the SEO perspective is one of the most important tasks a digital marketer should care about. 

Google is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and can now understand website content better than ever before. Well-written product descriptions give the opportunity that shouldn’t be missed—to take advantage of long-tail search queries and search intent.

Before diving into how to write perfect product descriptions, it is worth to understand what a product description is.

What is a product description?

A product description is a type of content that presents a product or item to shoppers. Taking into account that shoppers can’t touch or try items on in your Shopify store, product descriptions and images are your main tools to entice customers to hit the buy button. So, every description should highlight core product features and their benefits for customers. It’s crucial to give store visitors complete product information.

Writing a product description, you should keep in mind the questions of your potential customers, such as:

  • What is this product about?
  • What problems and challenges does it solve?
  • Where does the product come from?
  • What makes it different from other products?
  • What is it made of?
  • How can I use this product?
  • Finally, why should I buy this product?

A brief product description sample

Try to answer all these questions before you start writing. Ideally, a product description should provide the bedrock of content across the entire ecommerce store.

How to write the best product description?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible just to take and apply some random product descriptions and expect your sales to increase or double overnight. Product descriptions should directly appeal to your target audience.

Take time to think about what would make a compelling background story for a particular product and create your description individually to sell this product through the story.

An example of a product description

Here is the list of the essential tips.

8 quick tips on how to write product descriptions

1. Be unique

The very thing you should care about is how to make your product description distinctive. This description should contain words specific to the ideal target buyer. Besides, unique product descriptions are extremely crucial for SEO and help to rank higher in search engines.

Analyze all keywords that you insert to avoid being penalized and do not use cheesy stock photos. Well, these tips look obvious, but it is worth reminding about them as well.

2. Make sure your descriptions are easy to scan

The truth is, your product description should be actually readable. People often look through texts beginning from the very first sentences and then as it goes. So your goal is to get people to read the first, the second, the third sentence, and so on.

Use visual cues to encourage them to read on. It’s all about catchy and bright images, bullet points, lists, and titles. Add plenty of white space and use short paragraphs of 1-2 sentences. Try to keep description sentences short and simple, avoid complex words and terms profusion.

3. Imagine a picture in the mind of your clients

While writing product descriptions, do not cut it to such generic words as  “nice” or “good”. Sometimes it’s worth adding descriptive and emotion-laden words and phrases to tell a story. It will help you to get your customer’s buy-in.

4. Identify buyer personas and focus on them

One more essential thing is knowing your customers. By interviewing your potential clients, you understand their pain points and frustrations. You get to know what they value and what they are willing to spend their cash on. Often you even start to understand their innermost desires and fears.

Listen carefully to all the words they use to describe their emotions. Surveys, forums, emails, and website behavior patterns are also useful to get this kind of information.

5. Do not forget about SEO

The description of your products should help you to maximize your search rankings.

Define a primary keyword for your product page and use it consistently throughout your product description. Do not forget about being natural. The more specific keyword you choose, the easier it is to rank for it. However, if the keyword is too peculiar, it will bring less traffic, as fewer people are searching for the term.

6. Test your descriptions

A/B testing is crucial for conversion optimization. It means showing two different versions of your product description to different groups of clients. It helps to identify what content converts better.

7. Check all details

Writing product descriptions for your online store includes mentioning every useful and relevant detail. Pay attention to information sizing, dimensions, colors, quality and quantity correlation, materials used, and so on. The more info available on your product page, the easier it is for customers to decide to buy.

8. Verify everything!

When everything looks ready, take some time to check the spelling and content of every single part of your product description. This may require a couple of night coffee caps; however, this way, you can be sure that you have avoided a typo or two.

Always run your product descriptions through some spell checkers before you publish them.

What is an ecommerce product description generator?

If writing product descriptions is not your favorite business, nowadays you can use any free product description generator tool to automate the process.

Even the most powerful tool of that kind can suit the budgets of small e-commerce companies. It has become possible thanks to the growth of artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

Search through the database to find your product and set all the product attributes. By doing this, you give the tool more information about your product size,  weight, color, and other characteristics. Then you should select the Generate option, and the tool will come up with a product description based on your input.

If you don’t like the product description, you may regenerate the same description over and over again until you are satisfied. Here are some examples of product description generators online:

C:\Users\User\Desktop\SHOPIFY\perfect product description\Ginnie.jpg


Writing product descriptions is often a real challenge for many ecommerce store owners. However, if you want to increase your conversion rates and get more sales, you have to care about it. Get good at writing descriptions or hire experienced digital marketers who can do this job for you.

If you are want to become the owner of a successful Shopify store, master your copywriting skills and start creating product descriptions like a pro!