Journey from a Store to a Successful Ecommerce Marketplace

Today, Allmega is a large ecommerce marketplace with over 1.5 mln products, 400 categories, and 100+ active merchants. A clear strategy, ecommerce expertise, and development efforts helped to transform a web store into a powerful platform. 


Here’s a quick overview of Allmega functionality:

  • Product management tools that allow users to upload catalog data in different formats, spot duplicates and errors, and even assess the quality of info based on KPIs.
  • Merchant management that lets admins work with subscriptions and bonuses, promote certain products, run pay-per-click campaigns and auctions, and get sales statistics. User support functionality also includes action and error logging.
  • Financial management tools, including payment tracking and overdue payment reminders.
  • SEO features.
  • Sales functionality for merchants that covers sales and competitor analytics, reports, price list submission, catalog management, on-demand generation of invoices, and payment records.
  • Customer-focused features for convenient navigation and easy shopping, such as facets and filters, a smart search engine, feature-by-feature comparison, reviews, clickable product characteristics, direct checkout via the marketplace, redirection to the merchant’s cart page, and more.
Allmega store

“Never stop improving” is the TenGrowth motto; so, in addition to regular support, we keep adding new functionality:

  • For merchants and customers based on the latest tendencies in ecommerce;
  • For SEO so as to adapt to the updates of search engines and current trends;
  • For A/B tests to check different UI and functionality options and find those that can skyrocket sales;
  • For data management to support new data formats and make catalog updates even more convenient for merchants.

Vast experience in software development for ecommerce lets TenGrowth take up Shopify projects of different complexity. We take the merchant’s and developer’s perspective at once — to help ecommerce businesses thrive.

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