Despite the fact that there are dozens of reasons why online shopping is better than in-store, the owners sometimes decide to close or pause their online stores.

Recently you have tried to find out how to open your new online store as soon as possible with the help of great Shopify functionality. However, nothing lasts forever.

If you are a store owner or perhaps have an active Shopify account, you may need useful info about how to completely close or pause your store for the time being. In this post, we define how to do it painlessly.

The first thing you should keep in mind, wanting to cancel your Shopify account, is that you’ll need to do it manually. It means that if you ask Shopify support to cancel your Shopify account, they couldn’t help and do it for you.

Before pausing or closing your account, follow these obvious steps:

  • Be sure you timely contact any third-party service providers to let them know about your desire to closing the Shopify account.
  • Check your account regarding dues (there should be no dues on it). If you have some, Shopify will provide you with a final bill including all the fees.
  • Cancel all the apps that your store used prior to pausing the store. Otherwise, you will be getting charged from them.
  • It will be easier for you if you are on a free trial and have not chosen any pricing plan yet. In this case, you do not need to take any action.

There is a significant difference between pausing a store on Shopify and closing it completely. Let’s figure it out.

How to pause a Shopify store?

If you want to pause your Shopify store, the entire thing you need to do is disable the checkout. However, your store would still continue to run at a reduced cost.

Your clients would be able to see your products without the ability to buy them. Moreover, you would still have access to edit your products.

The best thing about pausing your Shopify store is the fact that you would be able to use it again anytime you want. Just choose a new Shopify pricing plan and voila!

5 steps to pause your Shopify store

  1. Login to Shopify and move to the admin panel of your account
  2. Choose Settings, then Account
  3. You have to find the option to “PAUSE YOUR STORE” in the store status section
  4. Click on Pause Store. The dialog box will explain what will happen once you pause your store.
  5. Confirm the option.

Now your Shopify store will be paused. You will be charged a reduced price.

You can also unpause it anytime you want:

  • Log in to your store again
  • Choose a plan you would like to go with. Once you select the appropriate plan, your account will be unpaused automatically.

How to close a Shopify store?

Closing your Shopify online store is also quite an easy procedure. It usually happens if an owner does not plan to run the online store in the future.

Note that once you decide and choose to close your store, you would not have access to Shopify admin (but you will still log back in with your credit card. It would reactivate the store).

4 steps to close your Shopify store

  1. Login to the admin panel
  2. Choose Settings and then Account
  3. You’ll need to choose the option to “CLOSE YOUR STORE” in your Store status section.
  4. Click on Close store and enter your current password

To proceed with closing the store, you will have to choose a reason from the drop-down menu and then click Close. That’s it.

The last thing we’d like to mention here is that if due to change of mind, you want to reopen your store within 30 days, you can still do it.

You will guaranteedly get all of your store’s configuration and data preserved.

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