Discount & Price Editor

Key Benefits of Discount & Price Editor

PE app by TenGrowth

  • Super-fast, secure, and flexible updates of the price list (rollback included).
  • You can choose the most convenient mode of Shopify price editor performance.
  • Find, select, and apply changes to as many products as you want.

Key Features of Discount & Price Editor

  • Edit prices for several products and entire collections in a few clicks. Tweak both the Price and the Compare at price.
  • Pick the most convenient way to change prices: decrease or increase by a certain percent or value, or set a new fixed price.
  • Rollback bulk price changes if necessary.
  • Use a smart search bar with previews and tags to select products.
Screenshot of PE app by TenGrowth

Update your price list in minutes with the Shopify price editor by TenGrowth!