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At TenGrowth, we believe that any tool is worth it only if it can solve particular ecommerce challenges. We’ve been in ecommerce development for 10 years and know exactly how to help merchants attain their ambitious goals through a clear strategy and smart coding.

We chose Shopify for its robust capabilities and user-friendly backend and keep making it better to help merchants overcome such challenges as

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Shopify Website Design and Development Services

Our team of ecommerce experts, Shopify web designers, developers, and QA engineers takes up Shopify development projects of any scope and complexity. Whether you want to start an ecommerce business, build an online presence for your outlets, or enhance the look and feel of your web store, we will help you get there.

Shopify store setup

TenGrowth experts configure Shopify to support your ecommerce processes efficiently and ensure high data security. To minimize rollout time and budget, we help you leverage Shopify default capabilities and recommend the aptest third-party themes and apps. Our services include but are not limited to 

  • Shopify store configuration
  • Theme choice and installation
  • App assessment and installation
  • Product setup (including subscriptions)
  • Collection pages setup
  • Payment and shipping settings configuration
  • Website access control and security settings

Shopify website development

Our Shopify developers enhance store management with custom features and ensure its optimal performance on any device. We help your business adapt to market changes by transforming the UX and capabilities of your online shop in line with current ecommerce trends. From automating marketing and sales activities and managing products in bulk to optimizing the customer journey, our Shopify web developers code to make your online shop more efficient.

  •  Custom features and functional improvements
  • Custom Shopify apps
  • Shopify apps and themes tailored to your needs
  • Shopify integration for data sync with CRM, ERP, email marketing, etc.
  • Management of several stores (locations, currencies, warehouses, etc.)
  • Orchestration of multiple sales channels
  • Checkout and cart pages revamped to boost sales
  • Navigation and search optimized to make shopping easy
  • Discounts enhanced to get higher conversion
  • Unique domain set up to reflect your brand identity

Shopify website design

Shopify web designers at Tengrowth will customize Shopify to showcase your brand values and make customer experience your competitive advantage. To help you better engage with shoppers, we focus on

  • Custom theme development
  • UI/UX design for the convenience of admins and shoppers
  • Mobile-ready and responsive design
  • Custom frontend elements integration (banners, headers, fonts, buttons, badges, etc.)
  • Tailored product and collection pages
  • Branded email design 

Shopify migration services

Whatever platform you use, we can help you accurately migrate to Shopify without losses, duplicates, or security breaches. If your admins or shoppers love particular features or design elements, we will enable them in your new web store with all the needed improvements.

  • Data preparation and cleansing
  • Data transfer to Shopify
  • Migration of apps and themes

Shopify SEO services

Consult our ecommerce SEO experts to move your Shopify website to the top of search results. We keep pace with the latest and most powerful SEO techniques, conduct through web store research, and identify the strategies that can boost ranking in every case. 

  • Shopify website structure optimization
  • SEO page optimization (SEO-friendly meta descriptions, titles, tags, etc.)
  • Offsite SEO and inbound linking for traffic increase
  • Google analytics setup for customer behavior tracking
  • Configuration of ad campaigns via social media and search engines

Shopify support and maintenance

If your Shopify store is not yet perfect, our emergency team will help you detect problems and solve issues with a minimum adverse effect on your business.

  • App compatibility improvement
  • Performance audit and testing
  • Bug fixing (website outage, app crash, declined payments, etc.)
  • Shopify website upgrades
  • Security enhancement
  • User training
  • Continuous support and maintenance

Why Choose TenGrowth for Shopify Development

Ecommerce expertise

10 years of ecommerce development experience and thorough research of each case

Turnkey solutions

Full-cycle services from mockups through development to QA and user training


Strategic vision

Scalable Shopify websites and apps that can support your growing business


Quick user adoption

Easy adoption thanks to combining Shopify simplicity with user-friendly custom apps and training

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Over 800,000 businesses in 175 countries are using Shopify. Are you ready to enjoy Shopify and maximize sales?

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