Shopify Migration

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Our Shopify Migration Services

If you intend to migrate from an ecommerce platform to Shopify, you have to ensure that no data gets lost or damaged.

With a few hundreds of SKUs and customers, the migration process is quite simple and smooth. Yet, the project gets far more complicated if you have a large number of records to keep. Our ecommerce experts will help you accurately transfer data to Shopify, as well as maintain the needed features and add more.

TenGrowth offers migrations from different platforms, including popular Magento to Shopify, WordPress to Shopify, and Squarespace to Shopify migration.

  • Accurate data mapping and migration
  • Migration of the branded design, custom features, and apps
  • Integration with third-party services and tools
Shopify Migration

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Our Shopify Migration Process

  • Step 1. Getting ready

    TenGrowth experts analyze your store functionality and design, understand objectives and key requirements, and anticipate possible challenges.

  • Step 2. Strategic planning
    We help you prepare data for a smooth Shopify migration and recommend an optimal subscription plan, theme, and apps to maintain and enrich your store’s functionality. With a sound strategy, we can migrate your store with no harm to SEO and sales.
  • Step 5. Quality Assurance
    TenGrowth experts test how the solution works (all the features, apps, and integrations). We check all your data and functionality has been successfully transferred before we roll out the store and train you to use it to the maximum.
  • Step 3. Shopify launch and design
    We assist you in running a Shopify store, including the setup of account and domain, the configuration of settings, tweaking of the theme or developing a custom one, adding and developing apps, and integrations.
  • Step 4. Shopify migration
    Our experts transfer all data from your legacy store to Shopify, including but not limited to customer, category, and product info, content pages, reviews, downloadable assets, pricing, inventory, shipping, promo, and tax rules. We enable the needed workflows using Shopify functionality and apps.

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