Quantity Breaks

Key Benefits of Quantity Breaks

  • Quick and intuitive configuration of Shopify quantity discounts.
  • Diverse campaigns thanks to multiple discount types and bases.
  • Higher AOV through the discount estimations on the cart page.

Key Features of Quantity Breaks

  • Set flexible rules for Shopify tiered pricing: fixed price, percentage, or a fixed sum. Combine several bulk discount rules to create efficient tiers.
  • Configure Shopify discounts for multiple items and collections, or apply them to the entire store in one click. A handy search engine with images and a quick preview will help you find and select the needed items.
  • Show the number of items that customers should order to get a higher discount — motivate customers to buy more.
  • Use one Shopify discount app to make your store sell well across all screens and devices.

Set up Shopify bulk discounts that rock — easily, quickly, and efficiently.