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Tech companies developing or migrating Shopify websites for merchants

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Innovators who have great ideas and need tech experts to turn a concept into a Shopify custom app

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Why Build a Shopify Custom App

Shopify app development is gaining momentum because it gives the owners of tailored apps several privileges that are inaccessible with ready-made options. To give some examples, merchants can

Reasons for Shopify app development
  • Avoid subscription payments and vendor lock-in
  • Add features that are not available with default settings and existing Shopify apps
  • Integrate the Shopify store with other software in use (ERP, CRM, shipping management, games or mobile apps, etc.)
  • Minimize maintenance costs and compatibility issues by replacing several subscriptions with one full-functional Shopify custom app
  • Maintain particular features after migration to Shopify
  • Get the same functionality that was used before the vendor of the third-party app dropped its support
  • Upgrade a custom app that was provided by another vendor

What You Can Get With Shopify App Development

Though the abundance of ecommerce apps in the Shopify app store keeps growing every day, merchants still often need something special to fit their business needs and stay ahead of the competition. Also, being the owner of a private Shopify app ensures you against such problems as app conflicts, insufficient functionality, and the lack of vendor support.

With 10 years in ecommerce development, TenGrowth experts can deliver Shopify custom apps that help merchants both cover daily store management needs and bring cutting-edge technologies to online shopping. To name a few of the apps that we offer: 

  • Niche tools that are not listed in the Shopify app store​
  • Minor but crucial Shopify improvements without subscriptions and multiple unneeded functions
  • More efficient Shopify apps for marketing and sales automation, flexible discount options, customer engagement and retention tools, etc.
  • Shopify apps for managing the store data in bulk (products, orders, customer profiles, etc.)
  • Innovative Shopify apps for market leaders (AI-powered recommendations, AR, proximity marketing, etc.)​
  • Local-focused solutions for shipping and inventory management
  • Unique UI customization apps to help customers love and remember your brand
  • Smart data analytics tools to spot trends and drive more sales based on data
  • Integration apps to let data flow between Shopify and other systems and websites
  • Security reinforcement apps to keep your sensitive customer and business data safe

Our Success Formula for Shopify App Development

We analyze your needs and gather requirements via calls and meetings. After our ecommerce experts come up with suggestions or deliver a POC, we sign the scope of work document. This ensures you get the Shopify custom app you need at the right time and within budget.

Our Shopify app developer team works together with in-house UX designers to make the new app feature-rich, convenient, and eye-catching. After you approve the mockups, we develop your custom app and test its performance to guarantee that it meets your requirements.

At this stage, we welcome you to try your Shopify custom app to check that it looks and works as it should. After that, TenGrowth experts help you integrate the app into your Shopify website, eliminating conflicts with third-party apps. If the app is a public one, we help you submit it for the review of the Shopify App Approval team.

At TenGrowth, we want every customer to unlock the full potential of our apps. So, our Shopify app development team will train you to use new features to get maximum results. Our support specialists will help you resolve performance issues if they arise.

Shopify app development success

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